• Shaped Wire
  • Shaped Wire

Shaped Wire

We have also produced many different shaped of wire, applied in wide industry to our customers. Shaped wire can development in "customized", suitable for carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel.

Features :
  • Deform 3D simulation design
  • Residual stress measurement
  • Homogeneous surface quality
  • Zero Decarburization
  • Fine grain size
  • Eddy Current Test
  • Bending test
  • Torsion test
  • Tensile test
  • Hardness test


Rectangular form wire used in mechanical internal structure or bracket.



Mainly for the furniture structure of the bracket, through the special geometric dimensions of shaped materials, can be achieved in an effective space load-carrying effect.

Bracket of Furniture

Linear guideway

Linear guideway rails shaped are common used in the reciprocating motion of the automation on machinery equipment.

Linear Guideway
Liner Guideway From of Cross Section
Type Equivalent diameter *It can be customized of all shapes include compact type, miniature, cylindrical roller bearing and crossed roller bearing.
Type7~15 Φ7~Φ15

Suspension Spring

Springs can absorb uneven terrain, and combined with Shock into a suspension system to give the rider comfortable. It also can apply in other metal spring.

Suspension Spring
Precision Springs

Precision Springs

Precision torsion clutch springs for applications in automotive and electronic industries.

Precision Springs
Die Spring

Die Spring

Trapezoid form wire used in die springs, also applied in machinery.

Die Spring
Trapezoid Form of Cross Section
  Diameter(mm) Aspect Ratio Tensile Strength(Max)
Type b a b/a 1600 ~ 2000MPa
(can be customized)
M18~16 4.2~14.66 2.58~8.43 1.6~1.8
L20~60 4.7~14.67 2.29~7.22 2.0~2.1
H20~60 4.7~14.67 3.56~10.88 1.3~1.4
*The dimension and shapes can be customized.
We use computer simulation to accelerate the deveopment of materials.
Also, it is possible to clearly predic various wearand tear of the material in the process.
Special shapes

Special shapes

Shaped wires can customized in different kind of shapes, include metal hardware、watchband、special tools, one-way bearing and etc. Can applied in widely industry.

Special shapes