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Oil Tempered Wire

STERLER's unique heat-treatment technology gain the fined microstructure and high strength and toughness steel wire. Tensile strength of alloy steel can be customized up to 2000MPa.

  • Oil Tempered Wire
  • Oil Tempered Wire
Applications :
  • Clutch spring
  • Pump& generator spring
  • Spring for air compression equipment
  • Auto suspension spring
  • Shock absorber spring
  • Spring for industrial machine
  • Spring for garage door, etc

Auto Eddy Current Test
Eddy Current Test for detects surface defects of wire and guarantee defects free quality wire.

Features :
  • Residual stress measurement
    • Bending test
  • Homogeneous surface quality
    • Torsion test
  • Zero Decarburization
    • Tensile test
  • Fine grain size
    • Hardness test
  • Eddy Current Test
Related Industries :
  • Automotive
  • Bicycle
  • Machinery
Specific of Oil Tempered Wire